FENOT: Strengthen Healthcare System in Ethiopia

An Online Source to Strengthen the Primary Healthcare System in Ethiopia


FENOT Project Team

The Digital Lab

Type of work

Software & Web
Data & Analytics

Refining a Digital Resource Which Supports Ethiopian Health Care

The Digital Lab partnered with the FENOT team to modernize the FENOT platform. FENOT was created in 2015 by Professor Peter Perman and Dr. Margaret Kruk at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to strengthen Ethiopia’s primary healthcare system. While health outcomes and access to care have improved, challenges such as poor quality of care and inefficient resource use are still common in the Ethiopian health care system.

Research & Design

Website Design Overhaul to Improve User Experience

The Digital Lab collaborated with the FENOT team to enhance their digital communications and knowledge translation platforms. The aim was to improve the user experience and support the FENOT team's objectives in advancing healthcare in Ethiopia.

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