An Online Educational Pain Management Platform to Improve the Lives of Patients with Chronic Pain


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Chronic Pain Management is Complex

As of July 2014, approximately 20% of British Columbians live with chronic pain. This pain impacts people of all ages and comes in many forms including soreness, stiffness, shooting, or burning pain that ranges in severity. Not only is chronic pain physically difficult, but because the cause is difficult to identify it can be mentally taxing which can cause depression and anxiety. The BC Ministry of Health funded the Digital Lab and Pain BC to develop LivePlanBe+an online learning center which will support self-management of pain through education and action plan development to empower and improve the well-being of patients living with chronic pain.

Research & Design

A Learning Center to Support Pain Management

The Digital Lab and Pain BC teams partnered to develop the LivePlanBe+ online learning center. To ensure this platform not only provided accessible comprehensive education, but also provided individualized support the Digital Lab integrated numerous unique features. Upon accessing the site, users complete a baseline self-assessment which lays the foundation for their personalized pain management journey. Users can individualize their personal dashboard with resources like pain self-assessments, action plans, reflection journals and up to 45 unique learning modules. Through personalizing their dashboard LivePlanBe+ can provide individualized smart recommendations to the user. The sites accessibility was increased with the addition of compatibility with tablets and phones in addition to computers allowing users to more easily use LivePlanBe+. Finally, to maximize engagement, the Digital Lab team fit the site with custom interactive activities and educational animations.

To ensure that the platform has longevity beyond the release, the Digital Lab fit the platform with a custom content management system (CMS) and a learning management system (LMS). Both the platform and learning center can be easily updated by the platform with novel clinically relevant information with ease though the CMS and LMS. The platform was also fit with Google Analytics to ensure the Pain BC team can understand users and optimize their platform.

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Increased Accessibility to Chronic Pain Management

The Digital Lab and Pain BC successfully launched the LivePlanBe+ website. This website is an open access tool for patients living with chronic pain. This online tool has increased accessibility to evidence-based resources to empower patients living with chronic pain, no matter their location or socioeconomic status. This tool will continue to improve the lives of patients with chronic pain through education, and the creation of action plans that aid them in effectively managing their condition.