Digital Injury Prevention Platform

Reducing the Social and Economic Burden of Injury In BC Through Knowledge Translation


BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU)

Type of work

Software & Web

Developing an Injury Prevention Platform

The Digital Lab partnered with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU), a core research program and training center at BC Children’s Hospital to revitalize the BCIRPU InjuryResearch website. The BCIRPU aims to produce, transfer, and support the integration of injury prevention knowledge into practice for BC residents. Their work aims to reduce the societal and economic burden of injury across all age demographics across BC, including pediatric patients. The goal of this project was to redesign the website to increase user retention and improve the user experience for users, and to standardize and simplify a content management system (CMS) to simplify the BCIRPU team independently managing their website.

Research & Design

A Platform Redevelopment to Improve Usability

The BCIRPU InjuryResearch website acts as a centralized resource for users to learn about the BCIRPU, their projects and publications along with curated news and resources. The Digital Lab partnered with the BCIRPU to bring their vision for the website to life. The Digital Lab was responsible for the design and the development of the website based on the guidelines provided by the BCIRPU team, in addition to translating the content from the old platform along with new content provided by the BCIRPU team. The BCIRPU team acted as content experts and provided the content to the Digital Lab team. 

The Digital Lab refreshed the BCIRPU InjuryResearch website with a modern design and updated structure that improved accessibility making it usable on mobile phones and tablets. This along with an updated user interface has enhanced accessibility and the overall user experience. Now that the launch of the BCIRPUInjuryResearch website is completed, the BCIRPU team has taken on the responsibility of updating the content to ensure that it remains both up-to-date and clinically relevant with a customized content CMS. The site was additionally fitted with Google Analytics to allow the BCIRPU to track user interactions with their site and further optimize it for knowledge translation.

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Enhanced User Experience and Independent Content Management

The Digital Lab’s improved BCIRPU website should improve user experience in multiple manners. The website accessibility has been enhanced as it is not accessible not only on web browsers, but additionally on mobile phone and tablet interfaces. The site is additionally cross-compatible with all modern web browsers and has had a user interface overhaul that should improve responsiveness and user experience. The addition of a customized content management system will allow the BCIRPU to update their website following launch easily and efficiently with the most up-to-date information.