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Utilizing Digital Animation to Raise Awareness for Pediatric Hip Conditions


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Hip Dysplasia Negatively Impacts Pediatric Patients

Hip dysplasia is a medical condition where your hips don’t form properly. This condition is widespread, impacting roughly 2.1 million babies each year, but because of a lack of awareness about the condition, patients and families may not be assessed. Hip dysplasia is known to cause mobility issues, and when children do not receive the proper care it can result in costly surgeries later in life. Early detection of hip dysplasia through screening improves patient wellbeing and clinical care. Together the Mulpuri Lab and the I’m a HIPpy Foundation collaborated with the Digital Lab to create digital media for the I’m a HIPpy website to continue to help the team advocate for improved pediatric hip health.

Research & Design

Engaging Family Friendly Animations

The goal of the collaborative team at the Mulpuri Lab and the I’m a HIPpy Foundation was to create engaging content to increase awareness about hip dysplasia, and other hip injuries in pediatric patients. As the content on the I’m a HIPpy website is directed towards pediatric patients and their families, the Digital Lab worked closely with the collaborative project team to develop a comprehensive design proposal for the animated content being developed. By maintaining a collaborative and iterative design process with the Mulpuri Lab and I’m a HIPpy Foundation teams, the Digital Lab team was able to ensure that the animated content conveyed the educational content, while aligning with the stylistic vision of the project. 

In addition to creating animated content, the Digital Lab leveraged their design skills to further refine the I’m a HIPpy website. The team updated media assets and enhanced live action video content currently on the website by tying 2D animated graphics into the existing videos. This further unified the visual design of the I’m a HIPpy website, and the content that it shares.

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Increased Awareness for Hip Dysplasia

The I’m a HIPpy website acts as a centralized source for information and resources pertaining to pediatric hip dysplasia. With the addition of new media assets and animated content, the user experience will be enhanced. The animated content developed by the Digital Lab offers up-to-date, evidence-based content about hip dysplasia in a manner that is engaging for users of all ages and knowledge backgrounds. To continue to expand the reach of these knowledge translation animations, the Digital Lab is working on developing Arabic, Chinese and Punjabi subtitles for all video content. The team is proud that the content is accessible to users of all ages as it will empower pediatric patients to understand their condition, and live without fear.