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An E-Learning Course With Animated Videos to Support Education for Patients and Caregivers


ChildKind Initiative at BC Children’s Hospital

The Digital Lab

Type of work

Media & Animation

High Quality Pediatric Pain Management

Pediatric chronic pain must be managed to limit both short and long-term consequences that result from the pain persisting. The ChildKind International certification is provided to hospitals with best practices in pain management and specifically recognizes care centers with standardized and collaborative pain management and prevention protocols. The BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) ChildKind Team and the Digital Lab have collaborated to enhance the BCCH ChildKind team’s resources to promote and support their program. Specifically, the partnership aims to collaborate to develop animated content that will help convey the ChildKind mission, and additionally develop an e-Learning course to educate nursing staff on pain medication administration.

Research & Design

Creating a Range of Media Content

The Digital Lab developed a range of media content for the ChildKind Initiative at BCCH in order to support and enhance the care provided to pediatric patients living with chronic pain. This media includes a general hospital video for BCCH and is spread across both the Learning Hub Curriculum and the Comfort Initiative. These initiatives help users hear from others living with pain, and contain informational pain videos about pain management. The digital lab developed this content in a variety of mediums for the platform including:

  • Live action media
  • Animated media with motion graphics 
  • Storytelling videos
  • Immersive virtual reality implementations with 360 degree walkthroughs 

The large variety of media was selected to help maximize user engagement, and knowledge transfer. Additionally, the team developed an e-Learning course for nurses on Continuous Epidural Analgesia. Each of the modules of the course was developed to optimize user engagement and learning with an introductory video summarizing all key content, followed by interactive learning activities and a final learning check to confirm users met the learning objectives of the module. This course ensures that pain medication education is accessible to nurses, and enhances the learning process through multimedia and interactive learning activities.

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Improving Pain Management Through Knowledge Transfer

This project involved developing media content in a variety of formats for the BCCH ChildKind team, in addition to an e-Learning course. Cumulatively, all of the assets developed for the ChildKind project should improve knowledge transfer to patients, their families and care providers. The newly developed content should improve the accessibility of this valuable learning material and increase learner engagement. By providing patients with information about their pain at an understandable level, they can be empowered to take charge of their pain management. Further, by providing care providers of all varieties with up-to-date, evidence-based pain management knowledge, it will greatly enhance the care that is provided to pediatric patients.