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Software & Web

Enhancing a Knowledge Transfer Website

The Child Development and Rehabilitation (CDR) website is a collaborative project between the Sunny Hill Health Center (SHHC) and the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development. When originally developed the CDR website was designed to share child development and rehabilitation resources with clinicians, physicians, physical therapists, and public health nurses. The Digital Lab partnered with the CDR team to revitalize the website, increase accessibility and to include supportive resources for patients and their families. Ideally, the platform would continue to share evidence-based resources and discussion forums pertaining to various health conditions. The objective of this project is to modernize the CDR website to improve user experiences and increase accessibility.

Research & Design

A Four Phase Redevelopment Plan

The Digital Lab and CDR team developed a four-phase redevelopment plan for the CDR website. Phase 1 of the project aimed to establish how the CDR website should be redesigned based on the results of an environmental scan of similar knowledge translation resources in the field, and through consulting with stakeholders through focused groups. Through directly consulting with prospective users the team was able to capture unique ideas to optimize user experience.

After confirming the objectives for the redevelopment of the CDR website, the Digital Lab developed a high-fidelity mock-up of the site aiming to address stakeholders needs. To improve the experience for users, new features including a search functionality, filterable content and search suggestions based on the user profile were added. These features not only aimed to improve, but also aimed to personalize the experience. Further, the site was fit with a customized content management system (CMS) to ensure that the CDR team would easily be able to maintain the website.

Currently the project is in Phase 3. The internal beta launch was successful, and the collaborative team is finalizing updates to the resource library, and completing the content transfer prior to the public launch in Phase 4.

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Increased Accessibility to Evidence-Based Resources

The Digital Lab and CDR team are still developing the CDR website which will be a centralized hub for users looking for child development and rehabilitation resources. While the redeveloped website will retain existing content for users previously served by the platform, it will additionally highlight new child development and rehabilitation resources for patients and families. To improve user experience the new website will:

  • Be optimized to support more users
  • Have a modernized user interface
  • Be accessible on phone and computer
  • Allow for user profiles to curate resources

In addition to better supporting users, the site will be fit with a customized CMS to simplify the CDR team managing and updating the CDR website.

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